Hotel Zurigo  |  Varazze

Zurigo Hotel Varazze

The hotel remains just 100 meters from the sea and the wonderful promenade “Lungomare Europa”. It has a garden, parking lot and garage. Our chef proposes a cookery rich of surprises, menu’s choice, fresh fish, vegetables buffet and our production of desserts. Partnership with a bathing establishment with pool.

Everyone’s holiday

Manu’s and Dede’s paradise” is the area where your children can safely play during both winter and summer. In this space, sheltered and protected, are available drawing materials, games, placemats to be coloured, comic books to read and fluffy plushes. Furniture is kids-designed and assures comfort and safety.

Where to find us

Arrivare all’Hotel Zurigo è semplice: Autostrada A 10 uscita al casello di Varazze; svoltare a destra per Varazze; alla fine della discesa dopo una serie di curve svoltare a destra prima del distributore della “Q 8″; quindi proseguire a Nord per 80 metri circa, ci troverete sulla destra.




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